A Weekend Getaway

Carmel Beach

This past weekend was a very nice weekend. Despite some family drama (which has kept me rather preoccupied), we had a wonderful getaway to Carmel and…

San Jose.

Yes, that’s right. San Jose.

You see, when this idea was first presented to me, I kind of… scoffed.

Sometimes I worry that I’m on the verge of becoming a San Francisco snob. I love San Francisco so much that sometimes I find myself looking down on our neighboring cities, which is ridiculous.

That said, San Jose was not exactly my idea of a weekend getaway.

However, San Jose is only an hour away, and right smack in the middle of the drive from San Francisco to Carmel. Since we were already going to Carmel, Kevin suggested that we use his super awesome hotel discount, and spend Saturday at the Fairmont in San Jose.

At first I thought he was joking. San Jose? Why on earth would we want to spend a day in San Jose, let alone an entire night?

Silly Kevin. I laughed and laughed.

The fact that my experience with San Jose was limited to one night in which my friends and I went to a Chelsea Handler concert, drank way too much, went to some crazy gross pop and lock it dance club, and woke up in a nasty motel may have had something to do with this reaction, but that is a story for another time.

Once I finished laughing at this outrageous idea, Kevin explained to me that the Fairmont has a very large pool, and that it was supposed to be in the high 80s in San Jose on Saturday, as opposed to the low 70s in San Francisco. He knew how much I had been craving warmth and sun, and thought we could stay the night and soak up the rays all day long, lounging poolside with a cocktail in hand.

Suddenly, Kevin’s idea was the most brilliant idea I had ever heard! A weekend getaway to San Jose! Pool! Sun! Beer!

Sign me up!

We arrived Saturday afternoon ready for some serious sun action. Our friends Jean and Travers decided to join us, and we had a blast. We lounged. We drank. We read. It felt like summer.

Words cannot express how nice it was to walk to dinner and not have to bring a jacket. It was like a different world.

San Jose, I am changing my tune about you!

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LindseyApril 24, 2012 - 10:01 am

We went to San Jose on Sunday too – to lay by the pool and see an old friend and it was amazing! Sooo much warmer and sunnier than SF, it was nice change 🙂

Patty McClainApril 24, 2012 - 10:55 am

“Do you know the way to San Jose?” (singing) YES!!! So now you can go there more often! Happy you had a pleasant and warm summery time. It is snowing here!

KevinApril 24, 2012 - 1:56 pm

I am much wiser than I appear…

jeanApril 24, 2012 - 2:46 pm

this felt like a tropical vacation and i loved every single minute of it! thanks for inviting us. i’m a creature of the sun for sure!

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