A Story From My First Night in Spain

A few years ago Kevin and I took an amazing three week vacation to England and Spain. It started with my friend Holly’s wedding in the English countryside (which was beyond incredible), and ended in Barcelona. We went a few places in between, one of them being Madrid.

I recently came across an old email I wrote to my friends, describing that first night in Madrid. The memories came flooding back, and not in a good way! I debated about whether or not I should share this travel nightmare here on my blog, but most of my friends know about it anyway, so I figured what the hell.

For those of that you that don’t really know me, it should be noted that I am not a naked person. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my nakedness as I’ve gotten older, but at the time of the email below, I was still the girl that put her bra on over her shirt when changing at the gym.

Here you go…

From: Serena Smith
Date: Sat, May 23, 2009 at 8:45 AM
Subject: My first night in Spain

On the chance that some of you lovely ladies might be interested in how my trip is going, I thought I would share with you the most unforgettable night of our trip to date. It has taken me about 3 days to be able to write about this without cringing at the sheer thought
of it, so please bear with me.

After a great week in England, Kevin and I arrived in Madrid about 10 pm on Wednesday night. We were absolutely starving, so we quickly checked into our room, threw our bags down, and went out to find a place to eat. Since Madrid is, after all, the party capital of Spain, it wasn´t long before Kevin and I were more than a little wasted. At about 3 am we stumbled back to our hotel room, absolutely hammered, got naked, etc. etc, then passed out.

Well…. a little while later I woke up having to go the bathroom. Our hotel room was really cute, but super small, and the bathroom door was directly next to the hallway door. It was completely dark, I couldn´t see anything, so I quickly went into the bathroom and shut the door behind me before turning on the light. Despite how drunk I was, it only took me a few seconds to realize that i had accidentally gone out the MAIN DOOR and not into the bathroom! I had locked myself out of my room and I was naked!!!! I started panicking and quietly knocking on the door for Kevin to come open it, but he was so passed out that he could not hear me! Our hotel was very old with thin walls, so then I started freaking out that other guests would hear me first and come out. I did not know what to do! Figuring it was better for me to take my chances and and be as loud as necessary to wake Kevin up, I start POUNDING on the hotel door and YELLING for Kevin to open it!

Unfortunately, Kevin did not hear me, but the receptionist did. Suddenly I see her walking towards me down the hallway. She turns on the light and I completely freak out and run down the hallway to hide, but there was no place for me to go! The hallway was a dead end! I run back to my hotel door, naked, trying desperately to cover my private parts, and the receptionist starts yelling at me in Spanish saying things i do not understand. Again, I start furiously pounding on the door, and between that and the receptionist now yelling at me in Spanish, Kevin finally wakes up and lets me in, but the damage was done!

The whole time this was happening I kept thinking to myself  “this must be a dream, this has to be a dream, wake up, WAKE UP!” but it was not a dream, it was real! I was naked in a hotel hallway with nowhere to go. I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. Just writing this has made me turn bright pink… I am so humiliated!

I wanted to go stay at a new hotel but Kevin wouldn´t let me because we had already paid. I avoided the receptionist all day, but eventually had to face her when I checked out, and honestly I have never been so red or nervous ever. I wanted to die!



Needless to say, I am very happy to be in Spain, but I was more happy to leave Madrid. I have now taken to blocking our main door with both mine and Kevin´s suitcases.

I love and miss all of you, and hope that you are all having a wonderful time wherever you may be. The next time you get embarrassed, just remember, it can´t be as bad as being locked out of your room and running down a brightly lit hallway stark naked!

Lots of love,


And there you have the single most embarrassing moment of my life.

In hindsight, I am able to realize that it could have been worse. The person that found me could have been one of the Italian men in the room across from us, as opposed to the kind female night receptionist. When I finally had to face her, I just sad “lo siento” about 100 times and she said “no worries” and looked almost as uncomfortable as I was. Clearly finding me naked in the hallway wasn’t exactly her cup of tea, either.

Oh, also? When I finally got back into our room, I had deluded myself into believing that Kevin had locked me out. I mas so mad! In my inebriated state, I thought he had done this to me purposely, and that this horribly embarrassing incident was therefore completely his fault. The fact that our door locked automatically never crossed my mind.

Kevin, in his inebriated state, simply said “really? I did? sorry” and went back to sleep.

I no longer feel as completely mortified as I did immediately following the night of nakedess, but whenever I think about that poor receptionist watching my pale white flabby ass running down the hall, I still kind of die a bit.

And I still put things in front of the hotel door when we travel.


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jeanMay 3, 2012 - 11:06 am

never, ever, ever gets old!

LindseyMay 3, 2012 - 3:40 pm

Oh this brightens up my day thanks for sharing!!


MichelleMay 3, 2012 - 4:31 pm

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Is it rude to say that I found this story totally hysterical? Definitely made me laugh.

SerenaMay 3, 2012 - 4:41 pm

Happy you found it amusing! Despite being completely mortified and utterly embarrassed, I knew that it was going to provide a lot of people a lot of laughter 🙂

Rachel Schiller-AndreMay 3, 2012 - 7:10 pm

this is amazing! i laughed out loud a few times while reading!

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