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Happy Friday!

This morning while entering the bathroom at work, someone was exiting, and as she pushed open the door to leave, I leaned forward to open the door on the other side. As fate would have it, our timing was just so, and the door smacked me right in the forehead. Hard.

Six hours later and it’s still throbbing.

Also, earlier this afternoon after exiting a bar method class (go me!), I almost walked into the glass door.

People laughed.

At me. Not with me.

Apparently it’s just not my day.

Thank god it’s Friday!

In other news, we have friends in town this week (yes, again), and last night they treated us to a phenomenal dinner at the house.

Not our house. The House. An amazing restaurant in San Francisco.

It was fantastic.

It’s one of my most favorite restaurants in the entire city. If you ever come to the bay area, this needs to go on your must eat list.

Other than that, happy weekend to you all! We made it!

P.S. this photography series is completely awesome but kind of creepy. Worth a look for sure.

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CathyMay 20, 2012 - 4:11 am

I’m always that other person on the other side of the door as I’m always in a rush. Have a good weekend.

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