On hangovers.

Oh, hangovers. The terrible feeling you get after over-indulging in a wonderful night out. Or maybe after just sitting on your couch watching the bachelor while eating an entire box of girl school scout cookies and downing a bottle of white wine. Topped with some baileys for dessert. Don’t judge.

As I’ve mentioned before, the older I get, the worse my hangovers become. The severity of them is quite mind-boggling. People that don’t get hangovers astonish me.  I think these people are x-men type mutants in which their special mutation is that they do not get hungover. Oh how I would love to have this mutation!

I think my husband may be one of these mutants.

As someone whose hangovers can be so terrible that I have been convinced I must be dying, I found this infographic particularly relevant. It’s nothing new, but still interesting.

My go-to hangover meal is carbs carbs and more carbs.  What’s yours? Any hangover secrets?


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KevinJune 7, 2012 - 3:52 pm

I rarely am hung over, this is true.
I also think coconut water is the best way to avoid and recover.

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