Blog Rut

I’m sure it’s no big surprise to anyone that’s been reading my blog lately that my recent posts have been less than stellar. I’m not quite sure what happened, but lately I just haven’t found much to write about. It’s like I hit a blog rut.

I don’t want to be in a blog rut, as I truly love this little blog. It brings me a lot of joy, and while I’m sure that perhaps my 10 consistent readers might not really care, I do. I need to break out of it.

I haven’t been reading as much lately, and I think that may be contributing to this rut immensely. Getting back in my reading groove is probably the first step. I have all of these great books that I want to read and share, yet for whatever reason I just haven’t found the desire to pick them up and read. I mean, I still have half of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People left to read. I started that book forever ago. I need to get back on the ball with it.

Hopefully I’ll have some more substantial content for you next week, but until then, I shall leave you with something that makes me JUMP OUT OF MY SKIN excited:

Christopher Meloni (aka Eliot Stabler) as a vampire in True Blood!!!!

OMG just thinking about it makes my heart beat speed up.

I have missed Eliot dearly since he left the SVU family. I was so sad to learn that Bensen would be all alone, but now that I know he is joining my most favorite show in the world, I’m okay

I can’t even begin to imagine the hotness of Alexander Skarsgard and Christopher Meloni as vampires together.

I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it!

Those that know me in real life know my True Blood obsession borders on crazy. I just can’t get enough. I seriously want to be a vamp. I dressed up as Jessica one Halloween, red wig and expensive custom fangs and all! I made Kevin dress up as Hoyt. I even ordered the “True Blood” juice from  I was committed, I tell you!

And Eric Northman? hubba hubba.

Until Sunday, I shall continue to watch this teaser over and over again.

Happy Friday!

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