For The Mystics

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Happy Friday!

I just love this quote. It’s so true, and something I’m trying so hard to be better at. My passion pursuit seems to have been on the back burner lately, and I’m ready to reignite it. It’s time.

My good friend Jillian sent me this video this morning, and it’s worth watching.

For those of you that don’t have time to watch it, I wanted to share one of my key takeaways.

Around minute 15 she talks about how one of her mentors told her that in all her travels and studies, there were four main types of women that she came across:

1) Women that choose career over family, and are deeply conflicted about it.

2) Women that choose family over career, and are deeply conflicted about it.

3) Women that choose career AND family, and are deeply conflicted about it.

4) Mystics. A small group of women who could be from any of the above categories, but have somehow found a “deeply resonate inner voice that they listen to and they negate everything else and they follow that path wherever it takes them.”

So here is to all of us who aspire to be mystics, and who try our very best not to disconnect from what we truly want.

Let’s live our best life.

Happy Friday!

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