Weekly Wrap Up

Highlight: Seeing a lot of family I haven’t seen in forever, including Kevin’s parents, and all sorts of cousins.

Lowlight: Flying home for one night for my Uncle John’s funeral and then having my return flight canceled and getting stuck at the airport for 4+ hours on Sunday evening (although this could also be a highlight, because as unfortunate and sad as the circumstance was, I got to see a lot of family I hadn’t seen in a long time).

Laugh out Loud Moment of the Week: On Friday night we went to Off The Grid, the increasingly popular food truck extravaganza in Fort Mason. Kevin’s dad bought beers for us for $5 each. He then proceeded to stand in the middle of the crowd and yell “Beers for sale! $7 dollars each! Beers for sale!” Man was trying to make a buck, apparently!

Favorite iPhone Photo of the Week:

Acting silly at Off The Grid.

(the potstickers from Happy Dumplings were my fav. yum yum yum.)

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