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Parabens, Sulfates, Oh my.

  As part of the cleanse I’m on, the nutritionist leading it recommended that everyone participating  go through their beauty products and see if they are paraben free, and if not, try and start purchasing products that are. Recently I have become a product whore, and I’ve been splurging on all sorts of facial creams […]

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Smile and Breathe

Print from FreshWordsMarket on Etsy   This is the attitude I’m trying to maintain today as I stumble through this detox. For whatever reason, today seems to be the hardest day I’ve had since I started the cleanse. I’m on day five and I’ve been fine for the most part.  Sure, I haven’t had as […]

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WT? Wednesday

With the Colorado shooting and being on week one of  a detox cleanse, my mind has been elsewhere, but I did come across a few things this week that made me go what the ?!?! Ann Romney referring to the public as “you people” when she said, verbatim, “We’ve given all you people need to […]

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I was going to introduce a new campaign I’m working on with The Mission List today, but I’m too sad about the Colorado shooting to write about anything else. I went to college in Boulder, Colorado and knew quite a few people that were from the Aurora area, so I can only hope that these […]

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