Happy Friday

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Happy Friday!

Does anyone else feel like this has been a rather odd week? Having what has felt like two Mondays and two Fridays has made me all sorts of confused. It has kind of felt like a fake work week. Though I much appreciated the mini-weekend on Wednesday, I am very excited for the real weekend. I have no plans and couldn’t be happier.

Last week’s post on white privilege led to all sorts of hullabaloo. It got picked up on a few websites, which was absolutely wonderful, but also gave me some new readers that didn’t exactly agree with me. I got more messages than I can count from people telling me just how wrong I am and that I am racist because I clearly hate white people. One person even said I should get lynched by black people.

I mean…. wow. I don’t even have words.

Anyway, one of my friends shared this video with me for a comical look at white privilege and it made me laugh. This two in a half minute video is probably more effective than my rambling diatribe, so I thought I would share.

Happy Friday and enjoy!


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