WT? Wednesday

A few things I came across this week that made me go what the ?!?

  • This blog post, written by a 22-year-old recent college graduate who got a great job in the field of her choice, and is lamenting the fact that she hasn’t had to struggle more: “I suppose that I’m grateful that I can make all my car payments and start saving for retirement while most of my friends are living at home and working part-time jobs — but I often find myself lamenting the fact that I’m not living at home and not working a part-time job. From my perspective, these are just some of the life-changing, character-building experiences that I may never have.”

I mean, I get it, kind of. I was 22 once. I remember when I turned 22 and thought I was “old.” (HAHAHA!). I too have struggled with with that quarter life crisis feeling of “what the hell am I doing with my life” a lot. Let’s be honest, I still struggle with it. But to write a whole article about how you struggle with not struggling and wish your live was more like Lena Dunham in GIRLS? Okay…. I don’t get that. Ah, youth.

  • According to some “scientists” in England, the sketch below is what the elusive Christian Grey of Fifty Shades is supposed to look like:


Apparently, this is Brad Pitt’s hair, Patrick Dempsey’s eyes, David Beckham’s face shape, Chris Hemsworth’s nose and Val Kilmers’ lips. Ehhh….I  pictured hotter. No me gusta.


  • The shock and hysteria over the impending divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Wasn’t the fact that this was a fake publicity marriage common knowledge? The standard five year contract? And why does it seem like people are just now realizing that Scientology is bat-shit crazy?


  • Mormon Underwear. Why are they so sacred? Are they really magical? I just don’t get it.


  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention created a “Wedding Day Survival Guide.” I am not joking, click the link for yourself, it’s on their public health blog. Apparently those of us who frequent weddings need to be prepared, incase, you know, some impending disaster strikes. After all, “You never know when Bridezilla might pop up. When dealing with an emotional bride, try to remember your loved one is probably stressed out and will soon return to her caring self after the wedding is over. Be supportive and have some bottled water from your emergency kit and a box of chocolate on hand.” 


Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day!

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ShaylaJuly 12, 2012 - 6:09 am

That CDC post drives me nuts, and I’m not even American. I hate the misogynistic bridezilla crap (especially because I’m planning a wedding, and every time I display any type of typical stress that would upset ANYONE I get a bridezilla lobbed at me).

AndreaJuly 18, 2012 - 11:14 am

Here’s a link to answer your questions about garments. They are not magical! But they are sacred to LDS members. Hope this helps!


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