Weekly Wrap Up

Highlight: Having our good good friends Gretchen and Derek visit. We love them.

Lowlight: Kevin pulling his back out and spending most of the weekend laying on the floor incapacitated. Poor guy. Oh the perils of getting older.

LOL Moment of the Week: A discussion on something I have never heard of before called a Blumpkin. The conversation was as equally repulsive as it was hilarious, and it was far from blog friendly. If you don’t know what this is, consider yourself lucky. You really don’t want to know (and if you are related to me, specifically if you are one of my parents or in-laws, please, please, do NOT google “blumpkin.” It will be awkward for both of us. Trust me on this one).

Favorite iPhone Photo of the Week:

Sushi with Gretchen and Derek. Love love love. Fun times.

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