Tips for Being Ecstatically Happy Every.Single.Day

Yesterday I came across this post over on the Oprah blog (and yeah, I know, okay, you caught me… I read the Oprah blog. My cool factor may have just plummeted, but I’m a fan. I can’t help it) and it made me smile.

It’s a list of rules and regulations to incorporate into your life in order to help you be blissfully, senselessly, ecstatically happy everyday, and really, who doesn’t want that?

A few of my favorites:

  • After all clumsy, embarrassing moments, you must curtsy.
  • Make up a lovable name for your least favorite body part. Like Irene. Nobody hates a thigh named Irene.
  • While you’re driving behind a school bus with kids at the windows waving to everyone in cars, you must wave back—and honk three times.
  • You may not leave the house without smelling the top of the head of your child, partner or pet. Inhale their scent (even if it’s unwashed) for at least two breaths.
  • Once a year, take yourself out for a mandatory lunch at a restaurant with fancy waiters. Sit at a table for four. Order three courses, including wine and a dish that must be set on fire.
  • Each time you pass a street musician playing the instrument that you quit as a child, place one crisp, full dollar in the cup and wait until the absolute end of the song to applaud.
  • Never go to bed without looking up at the ceiling and thanking it for keeping out the rain.

I’m rather fond of “the name your body part idea” and I do believe I am going to name my muffin top Margo and my inner thigh Eleanor. I can see it now…

Trying to zip up jeans just after they’ve been washed and dried: “God damn you Margo!”

Planning for a trip: “I’m sorry Eleanor but I’m not taking you with me to Mexico this time around, though I’m sure we will meet again soon.”

Eating so much cake you think you might explode: “Goodness Margo get a hold of yourself! This is not flattering.”

Well see if I start feeling the love, because right now, Margo and Eleanor are kind of on my shit list.

Do you have any small tips or rules that you do randomly to make you happy?

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