WT? Wednesday

With the Colorado shooting and being on week one of  a detox cleanse, my mind has been elsewhere, but I did come across a few things this week that made me go what the ?!?!

  • Ann Romney referring to the public as “you people” when she said, verbatim, “We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” when asked when why her husband refuses to release tax returns  prior to 2010. Mrs. Romney, as a possible First Lady, that is just not okay. What. The. ?.
  • My personal obsession with Jef Holmes from the bachelorette. Dude, I am OBSESSED with Jef with one F. I love him. And I love Emily. And I love them together. I want to somehow become friends with them and hang out and go on double dates together. I watched every minute of the three hour finale and now I’m going out of my way to watch videos of them as they make the media blitz rounds. This obsession is not normal, and has made me go WT? to myself multiple times. But I just love them. I may need help.

hey Jef with one F, want to hang?


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