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Traveling Woes

Print available at LegacyHouseArt Etsy Shop Happy Friday! Greetings from Western New York! Kevin and I often joke that it’s easier for us to get to Europe than it is for us to get Buffalo, and our travel experience yesterday proved us right. After a rather uneventful red-eye to Chicago in which I kind of […]

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Etch-a-Sketch of Life

Print from vaporqualquer Etsy Shop   Yesterday I read this article on regret, titled “What Would You Erase From Your Life?” In it, the author asks the question, “If you could go back and Etch-a-Sketch away some part of your life, what would it be?” Reading it made me think about my life and the […]

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Solo Dinner

Print available at Giardino Etsy Shop Kevin has been traveling for work this week so for the past few days I’ve been left to my own devices. Usually when it’s just me for dinner, I use this as an excuse to eat like crap. I’ll order indian food, grab a couple of slices of pizza […]

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On Blogging Friends. Or lack thereof.

Except that I’m totally not. Print available here.   I’m not quite sure why I’m admitting this publicly, but lately I’ve been getting a little bummed out that I’m not really part of the “blogging community.” One of the reasons I decided to start a blog was because I love reading other people’s blogs, and […]

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Weekly Wrap Up

Highlight: So many highlights this week, from a blind wine tasting dinner party to a CD release party, but I think my favorite was my Tuesday night girls dinner. Old friends, good friends, and Lauren’s new baby. We are growing up, yes we are. Lowlight: Kevin having to travel so much for work. LOL Moment […]

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