Never Give Up

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I recently came across this post about things you should never give up on, and I thought it was worth sharing. It’s nothing new, but so completely true.

You can read the whole thing here, but here are the key giveaways:

Six Things You Shouldn’t Give Up On

  1. Having a job you enjoy, which, please keep in mind, doesn’t necessarily mean career: “We live under this collective delusion that we are defined entirely by the job we do, which is an absurd notion. If you are happy doing a job that leaves you a lot of time and no stress for the rest of your endeavors, you should feel no shame in doing it.”
  2. Being Loved. Well, of course you shouldn’t give up on that! Love makes the world go round.
  3. Maintaining a nice environment. This is something I’m working on, and despite falling on the messy side of the spectrum, I do feel much better when things around me are clean and  pretty.
  4. Keeping good friends. Truly one of the most important things in life, in my opinion: “A good friend is a precious thing, and must be taken care of on both sides.”
  5. Your body. As I’m nearing the big 30 I’ve realized just how important this is. What you eat and do matters. A lot. Being healthy is a big deal:  “And though we are all struggling with how we look and feel, everyday, and no one (no matter what they’re trying to sell), has the secrets to perfection, it doesn’t mean it’s something we can’t always be working on. We can always eat a bit healthier, be a bit more active, take a bit better care of our skin, and love ourselves a little more. “
  6. Personal Change.  This one was my favorite. “Whatever the goal is, no matter how far-fetched or inconveniently located it may seem, if it is something that makes us feel alive, we should be following it.”   Amen to that!     “We often forget that our big moments and successes are achieved in small increments — little steps that can seem almost unrelated to the bigger picture — and that is such a shame… There is never a point at which we can no longer change, improve, or shape ourselves into what we desire. And the day you decide that your dreams are something that you’ll actively work on every day, you’ll know that every foot you’re placing is, at the very least, in the right direction.”

Read the full post here.


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