Happy Friday

Happy Friday friends!

Lately it seems like these weeks have just been flying by. Every Monday morning I find myself dreading the day and upcoming week, and I wonder how I could possibly get through it, and then, suddenly, it’s Friday! The weeks have been cruising along and before I know it it’s time for the weekend. I hope this trend continues.

These weeks I’ve also find myself a lot, well, happier. I have so many great things coming up in the next year, and Kevin and I have made some really big and exciting plans and goals that thrill me to my core. Of course, my future is still unknown, but it doesn’t seem quite as gloom and doom as it did a few months ago.

And that is a really great feeling.

I have my book club tonight, and it’s the first time in the history of our book club that we’ve had it on a Friday night.

This means that things are probably going to get even more out of control than usual.

And I can’t wait.

(though I do expect a rather massive hangover tomorrow)

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

Do you have any fun plans?

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