Traveling Woes

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Happy Friday! Greetings from Western New York!

Kevin and I often joke that it’s easier for us to get to Europe than it is for us to get Buffalo, and our travel experience yesterday proved us right.

After a rather uneventful red-eye to Chicago in which I kind of slept (thanks to being small and using Kevin’s lap as a pillow) (not so comfortable for Kevin, but I think allowing your wife to attempt sleep is part of a husband’s duties in life) we landed safe and sound, found our gate and napped for most of of our two hour layover. We usually try to avoid connecting through Chicago as we almost always have issues, but fortunately the plane was on time and things were looking good. We were in the last group to board so by the time it was our turn there was no room for our luggage. I had specifically packed light to avoid checking a bag, so this was slightly annoying but still not that big of a deal.

We boarded and waited to take off.

We waited. And waited some more.

After about 15 minutes the pilot announced that a bird had hit the plane during landing and mechanics were just checking it all out to make sure we were good.

About 30 minutes later they told us that things were not good and that we needed get off the plane and hang out while they searched for a replacement plane, with no word of how long finding such a replacement might take.

Isn’t traveling the best?

Fortunately a replacement was found after about an hour, and an hour and a half later we started the process all over.

Again we boarded and plopped ourselves into our teeny tiny seats and waited to take off.

We waited. And waited some more.

After about 45 minutes another announcement was made, and lo and behold, this plane also had a mechanical issue! It was going to be fixed, but in order to do so everyone needed to deboard yet again.

The plane was fixed and the third time was the charm. We (finally) arrived in Buffalo, but instead of the early morning arrival we had planned it was now past lunch, but hey, we made it!

I immediately went to take a nap and fell into a deep wonderful sleep. I never appreciate having a bed, any bed, as much as I do after taking a red-eye. To be able to lie down flat (with a pillow!) is the most luxurious thing in the world after trying to sleep in a cramped upright position. It’s something most of us that live in the Western world take for granted.

Anyway, we are here, happy and safe and enjoying the wonderful weather. It’s sunny and in the high 80s, something that very rarely happens in San Francisco (and by rarely I mean maybe once a year). There is some baileys in my coffee and life is good.

Happy Labor Day weekend friends! Do you have any plans for the holiday?

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