Tips for Relieving Stress (and Happy Friday!)

Happy Friday! I came down with a sinus cold on Tuesday and I’ve been feeling exceptionally lousy these past few days. I can be a total b*** when I don’t feel good, so it’s not been pleasant for anyone around me, particularly Kevin (sorry! I love you!). I feel like there has been a whirlwind of stuff going on this week and I just can’t catch up. I’m hoping next week will be better.

This morning I came across this article “Take the Stress Out of City Living” and of course, being a city dweller, I clicked over. Before I started reading I was already on the defense, because, well, I don’t find city living particularly stressful. In fact, I love city living, and the thought of not living in (or at least near) a city stresses me out far more than actually living in one (although Forbes recently rated San Francisco as the 7th most stressful city in the U.S.. I protest!)

I read on, and the article opened with this:

Your dreadful Monday begins when you wake up groggy after a battle with your alarm clock, which you slam to snooze three times. You calm yourself with the reminder that you will sleep in on the weekend. Hurried to not be tardy, you pause for a moment to wish once again that your breakfast and coffee came in a pill. You restart the mad morning dash, decide to skip breakfast and grab a cup of coffee (or two) on the way to work. A quick glance in the mirror and you decide your hair really doesn’t need to be washed and can be combed on the commute. Into blaring horns and gridlock traffic, you squeeze yourself into the matrix of the rat race.

Is it just me, or isn’t that the norm for most Monday-Friday type jobs, city or not? Granted there are exceptions to the rule, and I’m sure if you live in some farm miles upon miles away from the nearest store, you might have a different attitude, but I think that most people that have a Monday through Friday job feel like this, regardless of where they live. Even when people love their jobs, I know very few who enjoy a Monday morning.

Am I crazy?

Anyway, I read on as the article gave some tips for taking the stress out of city living, and while I don’t think they are particular to city life, I thought I’d share them because hey, it’s Friday, and who out there can’t benefit from a little stress relief?


Five Tips to Take The Stress Out of City Living:

This is not me.
But I too have wanted to bite my computer out of frustration many a time.
(Strangely, this is not one of the tips.)


  1. Start your morning with a glass of hot water and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day –  This is kind of common sense, no? Not necessarily the glass of hot water in the morning, but as far back as I can remember I’ve been told to stay hydrated and drink tons of water. Water, water, water! It’s good for you. 
  2. Focus when working, focus when playing –  We can all use a little focus in our life, and apparently the the more you are able to focus, the more you able to relax, and that in turn keeps you looking young! Who knew?
  3. Get into your feet and the “magic golf ball” –  I’ve heard this before but always shrugged it off as a little too new age hippy dippy for me, but supposedly there is a lot of benefit of putting your bare feet firmly in the ground. It, literally, grounds you, and allows you to get out of your head and release stress. I’d never heard of this whole magic golf ball nonsense, but apparently if you roll each foot back and forth over a golf ball upon walking and before going to bed, your mind and body will be remarkably rejuvenated.
  4. The Evernote app –  Since the article stresses the importance of unplugging from technology I find it rather odd that the author recommends an app to relieve stress, but hey, I’ll go with it. The Evernote app organizes all of your crap and helps you go paperless.
  5. The two P’s — pausing and portions –  I think this is the best tip of all. When you are feeling stressed or cranky or irritable, pause before you respond. This is HUGE for me as sometimes the things I say when I’m in a fowl stressed out state are not exactly nice, and when I take a second to pause and calm myself down, I (usually) get the clairity I need to stop myself before I say something that makes me look like a total bitch. (Usually. We all have our moments). The author also suggests pausing while eating, which is something I’ve been working on for awhile, even more so since doing my cleanse. I think it’s really important, but it’s surprisingly hard. Being mindful when you eat takes a lot of work! And portions, well, we all know that Americans eat far more than a normal portion. Kevin and I often try to share main courses when we go out, but since we both love food so very much, this doesn’t work out so well for us.

There you have it. Do you have any tips to help relieve stress? I’d love to hear them!

P.S. I also came across this list of stress relieving tips written by a nine year old, which include “spending time with my dogs” and “play video games.” Too cute.

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katherineSeptember 11, 2012 - 12:35 pm

this golf trick intrigues me. how interesting. and i am doing the feet on the ground thing WRONG! i always curl up with my feet under me

<3 katherineof corgis and cocktails

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