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Adios (and good riddance) January!

{source unavailable. image found on google images} Remember my whole “drink less, move more” resolution I made in the beginning of the month? Well, I did a phenomenal job of it for the first ten days of the month. I was eating super healthy meals, drinking green smoothies for breakfast, and taking long walks after […]

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On Baby Fever. Or Lack Thereof.

  source Babies. Oh babies. It’s no surprise that babies are something I think about often. I’m married. I just turned 30 (ah!). Most of Kevin’s friends already have kids. My friends are starting to as well. (not that Kevin’s friends aren’t my friends too, but you know what I mean). The other day my […]

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For Your Friday

Puppies! Because who doesn’t like a good puppy picture? My friend Shannon fosters puppies, and last weekend she had four of them. Four! Four adorable teeny tiny little pups. She brought them to a bar we were hanging out at and let me tell you, we were the most popular people in the whole place. […]

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Listening to: Birdy

Am I late to the Birdy party? Have any of you heard of her? I discovered her after hearing her on Being Human, and now I’m obsessed. I’ve listened to her rendition of Skinny Love about 100 times, and while it’s not better than Bon Iver’s original (is that possible?), it’s completely different and beauitiful. […]

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Social Justice Inspiration – Buy The Change

Hello friends, happy Tuesday! Many of you reading might not know this about me, but about two years ago I graduated with a Masters in International and Human Rights Education. Education is something I feel very strongly about, and I hoped that this degree would allow me to combine my passion for social justice issues […]

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