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Happy Friday

Happy Friday friends! Lately it seems like these weeks have just been flying by. Every Monday morning I find myself dreading the day and upcoming week, and I wonder how I could possibly get through it, and then, suddenly, it’s Friday! The weeks have been cruising along and before I know it it’s time for […]

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Monday Motto

Print from TheLoveShop Etsy Store Mondays are always a challenge for me, especially when I am coming off of an awesome crazy wonderful and very packed weekend, which happens to be the case for me today. When I saw the above print this morning, I thought it was a good motto to keep in mind […]

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Print from FreshWordsMarket Etsy Shop   Sometimes I think about all the things I want to do in my life, all the things I want do with my life, and I get so very overwhelmed. My goals can seem so far away, so lofty,  so out of reach, that I find myself drifting into complacency. […]

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Ain’t that the truth! As the designer said on her blog, “the more I think about my life and friendships and cheese’s role in them, I think we may have underestimated cheese as a unifying force in the universe.” I can’t count the times I have bonded with friends over a fantastic cheese plate. My […]

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