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Updates and whatnot…

Okay, so based on my comments from yesterday’s post, apparently getting naked at bachelorette parties isn’t normal? Oh my. I always suspected my friends were kinda pervs. Hey, to each their own! *Please note that I promise that if you invite me to your bachelorette I won’t get naked. Though once intoxicated I will probably […]

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Bachelorette Party Debauchery

This past weekend I went to one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties. We rented a house in Healdsburg, a super cute little town in wine country. We ate amazing food. We drank lots and lots of wine. We danced and laughed until tears streamed down our faces. It was a blast. Now, I don’t […]

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College is for your MRS Degree? Who knew!

“Forget about having it all, or not having it all, leaning in or leaning out … Here’s what nobody is telling you: Find a husband on campus before you graduate. Yes, I went there.” -Susan Patton Okay friends. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the article Susan Patton, a 1977 Princeton graduate, wrote in […]

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Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! Yay! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 A few random updates/things to share: 1. I made these sweet potato veggie burgers for dinner last night, and they were fantastic! Super easy to make, though it did take me a bit longer than I expected. Kevin and I skipped the buns to go low-carb, […]

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Becoming the Northern California Stereotype

Scene: Saturday afternoon. Kevin and I have just left a store in San Francisco, and I am hungry. We pop into a market across the street, which offers a plethora of processed foods, cheeses, and pizza. I decide to walk a block to an organic market I thought I saw, and buy something a little […]

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