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250 Words About Me

Okay, so if you read even a quarter of the amount of blogs I do, I’m sure you’ve heard about Jenni from Story of my Life’s Blog Everyday in May challenge. When I first read about this I wasn’t even remotely interested, because I knew there was no way I would blog every single day […]

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Happy May Day!

I’m sure you’ve seen this photograph a zillion times, but it just doesn’t get old. It makes me think of Spring and May and sunshine and I love it. Beautiful photograph © Jessica Nichols and available for purchase here. Happy hump day! Did you that today is May Day? If this means nothing to you, […]

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It’s Friday I’m in Love

Print from PaperPaper Etsy Shop It’s Friday I’m in Love! A few things I’m in love with on this particular Friday… ***** Michael Shannon enacting the deranged DG sorority letter that went viral last week. I thought the letter itself was funny, but hearing Michael Shannon read it takes it to a whole new level. […]

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San Francisco Bloggers Meet Up

***I  wrote and scheduled this post prior to learning about the horrific Boston bombing. There is nothing I can say to make sense of what occurred, and my hearts and prayers are in Boston today.*** Last Thursday night the SF bloggers meet up that Stephanie and I put together took place, and it was awesome. […]

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Updates and whatnot…

Okay, so based on my comments from yesterday’s post, apparently getting naked at bachelorette parties isn’t normal? Oh my. I always suspected my friends were kinda pervs. Hey, to each their own! *Please note that I promise that if you invite me to your bachelorette I won’t get naked. Though once intoxicated I will probably […]

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