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In Which I Rant About Twinkies

Yesterday the world was a flutter with the news that Twinkies were returning to stores. I guess I’m in the minority of people that care so little for these “treats” that I didn’t know they were off of shelves to begin with. When I saw that all of the morning shows I watch were doing […]

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Sugar Baby

As I’ve written about before, I’ve been trying to get back into a healthier lifestyle for 2013 (and ideally forever on), so lately I’ve been reading a lot about health and nutrition and diets and yadda yadda yadda. I’ve been working on eating less carbs and more fruits and vegetables, and I’m proud of myself […]

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RIP Foie Gras

On July 1st, the ban on foie gras went into effect in California. Unfortunately for me, I only discovered my total and complete love for foie gras a few months ago. The first time I bit into a foie gras torchon my world was rocked. After only being able to enjoy the mouth watering delicacy […]

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